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Envalue uses the most innovative technologies for commercial real estate valuations. We are transforming the real estate market with data-driven valuations combined with the valuer’s specialism. This enables us to offer valuations within five working days. Envalue performs valuations in accordance with the requirements of the NRVT, IVS and the RICS Red Book.


Hybrid valuation to standard

A well-founded valuation with a clear vision is essential for making sound real estate decisions. Envalue performs valuations – with the whole of the Netherlands as its working area – of every conceivable type of commercial real estate. Our working method is 100% digital, with data that is fully accepted in the market. Our hybrid working method ensures a perfected combination of innovative technology and human insight, enabling us to offer a valuation report within five days.


Envalue is on the shortlist of all Dutch banks and financiers. Envalue’s valuation reports meet all contemporary requirements. Envalue performs valuations in accordance with the requirements of the NRVT, IVS and the RICS Red Book. We have obtained the ISAE 3402 type II certificate for our process. We perform valuations for the following purposes:

Working process

A valuation in 5 steps

Envalue offers the total package, from valuations within five working days to an online portal that gives you full insight into the performance of your real estate portfolio.

1. We send our quote within 24 hours

2. You confirm the order

3. Data collection

You provide important data to us, we collect data via Envalue Analytics and we discuss the principles of the valuation.

4. We inspect the real estate

5. Your valuation report is ready!

Team Valuations

Personal contact with our clients is very important to us. We like to share ideas with you about real estate matters so that a valuation is based on the right principles and matches the valuation objective.

“The combination of data and personal expertise offers the best quality in valuations. We use data and technology as tools for concrete forward-looking insights.”

Frank van Kester
Partner | Head of Valuations

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