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We provide strategic advice

We advise you based on our expertise and data at organisational, object and portfolio level. This includes accommodation strategies, workplace strategies and stay-or-go analyses. We can also carry out development studies for you.

Strategy Consulting

This is what we do

Portfolio strategy
Accomodation strategy
Workplace strategy
Spatial and functional PoR
Stay-or-go analyses
Development studies

The purpose of a portfolio strategy is to optimise value and performance for your property portfolio in line with strategic goals.

We advise organisations on housing issues. In doing so, we translate your organisation’s strategic objectives into concrete real estate and accommodation solutions. We do this by listening, analysing and challenging. Whether it concerns merging several offices in one new location or opening a new production location in a new (growth) region. We help you formulate the most optimal accommodation strategy.

Formulating the right workplace strategy is crucial to get the optimal result from your organisation and employees. The right workplace has a positive impact on collaboration, productivity, creativity and employee satisfaction. We aim to create a working environment that contributes optimally to this. This is important at a time when hybrid working, digitalisation and changing work patterns are transforming traditional offices.

Drawing up a spatial/functional Programme of Requirements (PoR) provides insight into your organisation’s space needs. How many workstations do I need? And what type? What does the mix between working and meeting look like? How many square metres do I need? We translate your organisation’s needs into a PoR that forms the basis for the subsequent accommodation process.

Are you faced with the strategic choice of staying in your current location or seeking new accommodation? Then we advise in this process based on your organisation’s needs and objectives:

  • Financial considerations and analyses
  • Analysis of lease conditions
  • Investment for renovation and relocation
  • Impact on organisation and employees
  • Risk assessment
  • Concrete advice for decision-making

These studies help in understanding the financial, technical and commercial feasibility of a real estate project. They play a crucial role in making well-considered decisions on property development. We are your strategic sparring partner in this phase, translating ideas and concepts into concrete and feasible plans that match market demand.

Team Strategy Consulting

We consider personal contact with our clients very important. We advise you based on our expertise and data at organisational, object and portfolio level.

“We translate the analyses from our data-driven models into concrete scenarios for decision-making and subsequent implementation.”

Jan Verhaegh